Santa Fe Farmers Market, Santa Fe, NM

The Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute creates programs that support the local food economy, farmers, and the business of farming in Northern New Mexico.  We worked together with the Executive Director and Board of Directors for a strategic planning session that would take the Institute into the next several years with fresh energy and ideas to grow the local food economy. 

Working with Vicki on our initial board and strategic planning process was so enjoyable for everyone involved. We were especially appreciative of her efforts to learn about who we are as an organization and her ability to organically and holistically tease out shared values and goals through meaningful dialogue. There was no “template” imposed on the process. It felt natural, collaborative, productive and most importantly, everyone felt heard.Kierstan Pickens, Executive Director, Santa Fe Farmers Market

Jessica HaynieThree Stones Consulting, LLC, Jessica Haynie

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