Mariposa Community Health Center, Nogales, AZ

Cosechando Bienestar (Harvesting Wellbeing): Enhancing the Nogales Mercado

Local Food Campaign Consulting
Cosechando Bienestar (Harvesting Wellbeing): Enhancing the Nogales Mercado is a community healthy local food campaign to grow the Nogales Mercado to increase both quantity and diversity of local food products for Nogales, Arizona consumers on the U.S.-México border. The Nogales Mercado opened in April 2013 and targets low-income Hispanic/Latino residents and SNAP, WIC and FMNP beneficiaries to improve family diets, particularly through greater fruit and vegetable consumption.

Vicki’s bold localism tactics have enabled and encouraged our quaint borderlands community to become revitalized in supporting local foods, farmers, and the economy. We have an interesting dynamic in this region and with Vicki’s help we’ve been able to put together a strategic plan that fits right in to our community. – Jamie Sullivan, Food System Coordinator, Mariposa Community Health Center, and Santos Yescas, Nogales Community Development