Tewa Women United, Espanola, NM

Challenge: Tewa Women United is an inspiring group of women and men creating a better future for Indigenous women across Northern New Mexico through economic, environmental, and social justice empowerment programming, direct service, and advocacy. The executive director and board of directors wanted to embark on a strategic planning process that would help them grow the organization with a new social enterprise model.

Approach: Working with Three Stones Consulting on a strategic plan, we helped bring Transformational Leadership and actionable plans for organizational structure and programming to the staff and board to this nonprofit that believes in the power of healing communities through healing Mother Earth. We provided prioritization, action planning, and recommendations that helped envision a social enterprise model for an urban permaculture designed food garden that provides training opportunities while healing a community.

Outcome/Impact: The Española Healing Foods Oasis broke ground in 2016 and is transforming the community through dry-land farming and permaculture trainings, volunteerism, and community gatherings.

Check out this short video: