Repair Revolution, Oakland, CA

Challenge: Sometimes a great idea can transform a community. Jamie Facciola, of Oakland, CA came to me with an idea to bring back the repair trades to help grow the local economy, create jobs and opportunities, and help deal with the waste issues of old broken things that could easily be repaired.

Approach: With big social enterprise ideas in a notebook, I challenged Jamie to get clear on what she really wanted to do. We met several times, remotely, to discuss her ideas, and prioritize her plans to get started. Armed with resources of business incubator programs and start-up funding options, Jamie quickly went to work to operationalize her plan.

Outcomes: Repair Revolution in Oakland, CA is changing the way we think about our old broken stuff. By creating a place for repair-ists to congregate to fix stuff, Repair Revolution is keeping hand-repair trades in Oakland, and making good work for more people. Read more about Repair Revolution featured in Fast Company Magazine.