Time to go BIG, together.

Think you’re a social entrepreneur? Think you’re doing business for good in the community? Have a great idea but no idea where or how to begin? Want to grow your social enterprise? Feeling stuck but passionate?


In this three session retreat-style workshop we will go BIG together on Bold, Innovation for Good, and you’ll get clear on your socially responsible business or nonprofit plans and how to be a community leader through your work.

BIG = Bold Innovation for Good…do you fit the bill?

To make your ideas tangible you must venture into bold territories. Uncovering your story, discovering what motivates you, and mapping where you want to go all require connecting to yourself and your passions.

Over the three sessions you’ll be working, playing, sharing, exploring, building community, all while you uncover what’s BIG for you. You will be guided through innovative and creative sessions to transform your passions into action. Bring your best and worst ideas, your willingness to be open and go deep, your creativity and thoughtfulness and you’ll get peer to peer sharing in a community of practice with personal and professional transformational.