My Influences

The BALLE Local Economy Fellowship
These people inspire me, help me learn, and grow. Every. Single. One. It’s an honor to be among them.

Great websites for social entrepreneurs and localists: Edible communities national site.
Find an Edible in your community.

Some inspiring books I love and use in facilitation:

Rules of Thumb, Alan Webber

My go-to book for business leadership inspiration, over and over again.

The War of Art, Steven Pressfield

I don’t care what job you have, what creative project you do, what career you chose, we all face resistance and this book will move you to master it and yourself.

Great News Feeds

And, so many more. Come back and see if I’ve added to my growing list of inspiration. Or email me and ask me what’s inspiring me today.


How I Became a Localist | Deborah Frieze | TEDx Talk